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Bible Trivia Questions: Biblical Names, Words, and Places

Page 16

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What is the meaning of the word Diaspora?

  1. destruction
  2. gathering
  3. burning
  4. dispersion

Correct Answer: d. dispersion

What is the meaning of your name?

  1. I don't know
  2. I know and I love my name
  3. I would like to look it up
  4. I never thought about it

Correct Answer: c. If you'd like to look it up, visit

What is the meaning of the word seraphim?

  1. three-mouthed
  2. guardians
  3. the sure way
  4. fiery beings

Correct Answer: d. fiery beings

What is the meaning of the name Levi?

  1. allowed
  2. withheld
  3. joined
  4. divided

Correct Answer: c. joined