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Bible Trivia Questions: Joseph and Moses

Page 4

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Instead of killing Joseph, his brothers _____________. (Genesis 37:24)

  1. threw him in a pit
  2. broke his legs
  3. stoned him
  4. tied him to a tree

Correct Answer: a. threw him in a pit

The Lord covenanted: "If ye will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a __________ __________ unto me above all people;" (Exodus 19:5)

  1. holy race
  2. blessed people
  3. peculiar treasure
  4. precious nation

Correct Answer: c. peculiar treasure

At what price did the merchantmen buy Joseph from his brothers? (Genesis 37:28)

  1. 40 pieces of copper
  2. 7 rubies
  3. 20 pieces of silver
  4. 10 pieces of gold

Correct Answer: c. 20 pieces of silver

Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments? (Exodus 31:18)

  1. Mount Ararat
  2. The Hill of Olives
  3. Mount Sinai
  4. Eleon-Zeber

Correct Answer: c. Mount Sinai

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