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Bible Trivia Questions: Joseph and Moses

Page 2

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What gift did Joseph's father give to him? (Genesis 37:3)

  1. A coat of many colors
  2. A harp
  3. A horse
  4. A sling

Correct Answer: a. A coat of many colors

What did the children of Israel call the bread? (Exodus 16:15)

  1. Onani
  2. Manna
  3. Kafesh
  4. Rama

Correct Answer: b. Manna

Why did Joseph's brothers hate him? (Genesis 37:4)

  1. Their father loved Joseph most
  2. Joseph was smarter than them
  3. They hated his mother Rachel
  4. Joseph was rude to them

Correct Answer: a. Their father loved Joseph most

What brought forth water when Moses struck it? (Exodus 17:6)

  1. A pit
  2. A rock
  3. A tree
  4. A pot

Correct Answer: b. A rock

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