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Bible Trivia Questions: Joseph and Moses

Page 16

Attempt a Bible quiz that is alike to the Bible trivia questions below:
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Each of these creatures plagued Egypt EXCEPT: (Exodus 8)

  1. Lice
  2. Frogs
  3. Flies
  4. Locusts
  5. Serpents

Correct Answer: e. Serpents

How could the Hebrews avoid death of first born?

  1. They couldn't avoid it
  2. Paint door post with blood of a lamb
  3. Shut all the doors and curtains and huddle up
  4. Keep door open, with two candles lit

Correct Answer: b. Paint door post with blood of a lamb

Which of these plagues did the Lord NOT inflict on the Egyptians? (Exodus 7)

  1. Three days of darkness
  2. All cattle die
  3. Food turning into stones
  4. Raining down of hail and fire
  5. The transformation of water into blood
  6. Boils breaking out on the skin of the people

Correct Answer: c. Food turning into stones

What was the Fourth Plague against the Egyptians?

  1. Frogs
  2. Flies
  3. Locusts
  4. Boils

Correct Answer: b. Flies

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