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Bible Trivia Questions: Joseph and Moses

Page 15

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Who was to be Moses' spokesperson? (Exodus 4:14-16)

  1. His Hebrew mother
  2. Zipporah
  3. His brother Aaron
  4. Jethro

Correct Answer: c. His brother Aaron

What was the first plague against the Egyptians?

  1. River turned to Blood
  2. Staff turned into a snake
  3. Locusts
  4. Diseased animals

Correct Answer: a. River turned to Blood

What did Aaron turn his rod into? (Exodus 7:10)

  1. A whip
  2. A serpent
  3. A hoe
  4. A sword

Correct Answer: b. A serpent

What is the ninth plague against the Egyptians?

  1. There weren't nine plagues
  2. Thunder, hail, and fire
  3. Death of first born
  4. Darkness

Correct Answer: d. Darkness

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