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Bible Trivia Questions: Joseph and Moses

How much do you know about Joseph and Moses in the Bible? Expand your knowledge with these fun and easy Bible trivia questions! Want more Bible trivia questions? Try our Bible trivia for youth!

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Who was Joseph's father? (Genesis 37:3)

  1. Jacob (Israel)
  2. Noah
  3. Isaac
  4. Abraham

Correct Answer: a. Jacob (Israel)

How did Moses heal the bitter waters of Marah? (Exodus 15:25)

  1. He poured olive oil in them
  2. He washed himself in them 7 times
  3. He cast a tree into them
  4. He touched them with his rod

Correct Answer: c. He cast a tree into them

How many brothers did Joseph have? (Genesis 35:22-26)

  1. 10
  2. 11
  3. 9
  4. 12

Correct Answer: b. 11

What did God send to feed the murmuring children of Israel? (Exodus 16:13-15)

  1. Deer and fish
  2. Bread and quail
  3. Corn and barley
  4. Wheat and seeds

Correct Answer: b. Bread and quail

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