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General Bible Trivia Questions

Page 4

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Why did Moses break the stone tablets containing the commandments?

  1. he stumbled and fell
  2. he was angry because his people were worshipping an idol
  3. God told him to because his people weren't ready for them
  4. the commandments were from a tribe of pagans

Correct Answer: b. he was angry because his people were worshipping an idol

What was Abraham asked to sacrifice to God instead of a lamb?

  1. half of his harvest
  2. his wife
  3. his son
  4. himself

Correct Answer: c. his son

Moses and Abraham were two of the most well-known prophets in the Bible. We hope this General Bible Trivia Questions page is helping to familiarize you with different people in the Bible and increase your spirituality. Just so you know, we have some great Christmas Trivia and Easter Bible Trivia. We also have a fantastic section that will help you get to know different types of religions. For example, you might learn about Baptist beliefs or Mormon beliefs.