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General Bible Trivia Questions

Page 3

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What was the occupation of Peter, James, John, and Andrew before they were called to the Apostleship?

  1. soldier
  2. fisherman
  3. tax collector
  4. gardener

Correct Answer: b. fisherman

On what day was Jesus resurrected?

  1. the third day
  2. the first day
  3. the twelfth day
  4. the seventh day

Correct Answer: a. the third day

What animal made its noise after Peter denied Christ?

  1. a dog
  2. a frog
  3. a rooster
  4. a cat

Correct Answer: c. a rooster

How many times did Peter deny Christ?

  1. one
  2. seven
  3. ten
  4. three

Correct Answer: d. three

The general Bible trivia questions on this page taught you about Jesus and his apostles. Did you know the answers? To really see how well you know your stuff, you may want to try a Bible quiz and see what score you get. If you want a fun activity with friends or family, be sure and try our printable Bible trivia game. Also you can see how much you know about religious beliefs of different denominations or you can see all of our religious resources here.