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General Bible Trivia Questions

Studying the Bible can be fun and easy! Reviewing these General Bible trivia questions can help you become more familiar with the scriptures in a simple and enjoyable way! Want even more Bible trivia? Try our Bible trivia for youth! Try a Bible Quiz that's parallel to our Bible trivia.

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What fell from Elijah as he was carried into heaven?

  1. his mantle
  2. his staff
  3. his water bottle
  4. his sandals

Correct Answer: a. his mantle

What was the subject of King Nebuchadnezzar's troubling dream?

  1. seven fat and seven lean cattle
  2. a star that shone brighter than all the other stars
  3. himself dying in the future
  4. a statue that was crushed by a rolling stone

Correct Answer: d. a statue that was crushed by a rolling stone

What spoke to Moses at the beginning of his ministry?

  1. a camel
  2. a brook
  3. a stone
  4. a burning bush

Correct Answer: d. a burning bush

What was King Solomon known for around the world?

  1. Strength
  2. Wisdom
  3. Good looks
  4. Humor

Correct Answer: b. Wisdom

As you'll see, these general Bible trivia pages have many random questions about all sorts of people in the Bible. Be sure to tell people about our Bible Trivia questions page. If they have young ones, have them try the Bible trivia for kids section of our site. To help you become a scholar, you may want to visit our Bible quotes page, and finally, we recommend our Bible stories for the younger generation.