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Fun Bible Trivia Questions

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What is the name commonly given to the first five books of the Old Testament?

  1. Septuagint
  2. Pentateuch
  3. Apocrypha
  4. Pseudepigrapha

Correct Answer: b. Pentateuch

Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament?

  1. Noah
  2. Abraham
  3. Adam
  4. Moses

Correct Answer: d. Moses

Which book is the last in the Old Testament?

  1. Haggai
  2. Zechariah
  3. Micah
  4. Malachi

Correct Answer: d. Malachi

In what language was the Old Testament written?

  1. Assyrian
  2. Greek
  3. Hebrew
  4. Latin

Correct Answer: c. Hebrew

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