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Bible Trivia Questions: The Creation and Plants

Page 8

This Bible Trivia section directly links to a Bible Quiz:
Plants in the Bible | The Creation

Prior to His crucifixion, what piece of attire was placed on Christ's body to humiliate Him? (Mark 15:17)

  1. anklets of rotten fruit
  2. a sash of ivy
  3. flaxen manacles
  4. a crown of thorns

Correct Answer: d. a crown of thorns

Which are the 'greater light' and the 'lesser light'? (Genesis 1:16)

  1. Heavenly Father; The Holy Spirit
  2. Sun; Stars
  3. Sun; Moon
  4. Heavenly Father; The Son of God

Correct Answer: c. Sun; Moon

God's choice of material for creating the woman symbolizes... (Gen. 2:23-24)

  1. God wants women to be as clean as the purest of waters
  2. God wants man and woman to be as steadfast as a mountain
  3. Man and woman are lesser than the dust of the earth
  4. A married man and woman should live together as one

Correct Answer: d. A married man and woman should live together as one

What did Jacob give Esau in exchange for his birthright? (Genesis 25:34)

  1. incense of cinnamon
  2. a drink of mint
  3. some pottage of len tiles
  4. an elixir of lavender

Correct Answer: c. some pottage of len tiles

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