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Bible Trivia Questions: The Creation and Plants

Page 5

First, go through this Bible Trivia section, then take corresponding Bible Quiz:
Plants in the Bible | The Creation

What did God call the firmament? (Genesis 1:8)

  1. Space
  2. Cloud
  3. Heaven
  4. Earth

Correct Answer: c. Heaven

What did God NOT command the humans He made to do? (Genesis 1:28)

  1. Be fruitful and multiply
  2. Work and be industrious
  3. Subdue the earth
  4. Have dominion over all living things

Correct Answer: b. Work and be industrious

Fill in the blank: In a parable, Christ compared the separation of the righteous from the wicked to the harvesting of _________ from the tares. (Matthew 13:30)

  1. grapes
  2. corn
  3. wheat
  4. olives

Correct Answer: c. wheat

What did God call the dry land and the waters? (Genesis 1:20)

  1. Mountains; Oceans
  2. Stone; Water
  3. Valleys; Lakes
  4. Earth; Seas

Correct Answer: d. Earth; Seas

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