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Bible Trivia Questions: The Creation and Plants

Page 4

The Bible Trivia in this section directly relates to a Bible Quiz:
The Creation | Plants in the Bible

Fill in the blank: Paul compared the Gentiles to wild branches grafted into a good and healthy ___________ tree. (Romans 11:17)

  1. date
  2. walnut
  3. olive
  4. orange

Correct Answer: c. olive

Which did God NOT create on the sixth day? (Genesis 1:24-27)

  1. Birds
  2. Woman
  3. Man
  4. Some animals

Correct Answer: a. Birds

Fill in the blank: Jesus compared the kingdom of heaven to a ___________ seed, which would grow from the tiniest seed into a huge tree. (Matthew 13:31)

  1. mint
  2. mustard
  3. mallow
  4. pomegranate

Correct Answer: b. mustard

What did God create on the seventh day? (Genesis 2:2)

  1. Woman
  2. Nothing
  3. Language
  4. Man

Correct Answer: b. Nothing

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