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Bible Trivia Questions: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah's Ark

Page 10

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How was Cain's punishment similar to the punishment of his parents, Adam and Eve? (Genesis 4:16)

  1. He was separated from God
  2. He gained more knowledge
  3. God hated him from then on
  4. God would send Cain to hell

Correct Answer: a. He was separated from God

What was the first animal that Noah let out of the ark? (Genesis 8:7)

  1. A raven
  2. A sparrow
  3. A dove
  4. A pigeon

Correct Answer: a. A raven

How did God say mankind was similar to Him? (Genesis 3:22)

  1. They could know good from evil
  2. They could create life
  3. They would live forever
  4. They could feel joy and sorrow

Correct Answer: a. They could know good from evil

Where did Cain dwell after being cast out by the Lord for murder? (Genesis 4:16)

  1. Eden
  2. Nod
  3. Sodom
  4. Gomorrah

Correct Answer: b. Nod

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