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Bible Trivia Questions: Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob

Page 9

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The Lord commanded Abram, "...walk before me, and be thou ___________." (Genesis 17:1)

  1. clean
  2. comforted
  3. humble
  4. perfect

Correct Answer: d. perfect

What was the name of the son of Abram and Hagar? (Genesis 16:11)

  1. Icarus
  2. Israel
  3. Isaac
  4. Ishmael

Correct Answer: d. Ishmael

Whose name was changed to "Abraham"? (Genesis 17:5)

  1. Rahab
  2. Abel
  3. Abram
  4. Ham

Correct Answer: c. Abram

What object was present in the dream Jacob had after leaving his family?

  1. a staff
  2. a book
  3. a ladder
  4. an altar

Correct Answer: c. a ladder