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Bible Trivia Questions: Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob

Page 7

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When Abram heard that Lot was captured in the battle of the kinds: (Genesis 14:14-16)

  1. He rent his clothes and mourned
  2. He rescued Lot and his family
  3. He praised the Lord
  4. He traveled to Lot's camp and plundered it

Correct Answer: b. He rescued Lot and his family

Who helped Jacob disguise as Esau in order to get the birthright blessing? (Genesis 27:6-10)

  1. Isaac
  2. Rebekah
  3. Rachel
  4. the Lord

Correct Answer: b. Rebekah

When the king of Sodom offered Abram the spoils of the war: (Genesis 14:21-24)

  1. He wouldn't take any of it
  2. He took a third of it
  3. He took half of it
  4. He took all of it

Correct Answer: a. He wouldn't take any of it

Which king blessed Abram? (Genesis 14:18-20)

  1. King Melchizedek
  2. The kind of Elam
  3. The king of Sodom
  4. Kind David

Correct Answer: a. King Melchizedek