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Bible Trivia Questions

This section has more challenging questions and answers

Bible trivia questions and answers are a fun and easy way to familiarize yourself with he Bible. All questions are free and printable. Be sure and tell others about this great free resource!

Level of Difficulty: Challenging (Also visit—Youth Bible Trivia / Kid's Bible Trivia)

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We hope you like our Bible trivia questions page. for easier questions, click on "Youth" or "Kid's" at the top of the page, or try our printable Bible Trivia game for any age. If you want a little more interactive approach where you can see a score and have your answers graded, take our Bible Quizzes online. To learn more about specific religions, try our restored church of Christ beliefs page or our Catholic or Baptist page (these are 3 of the 4 top religions in the US). To see the top US religions in the world or the U.S., visit our different types of religions page.

I hope you liked these challenging questions. Thanks for joining me!

by Dave Clark