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Printable Bible Trivia Questions

The trivia questions on this page correspond to the Bible Trivia Game

There are 1,024 printable Bible trivia questions and answers here. There are questions for all different age and difficulty levels: Young Believer (ages 5-14), Believer (ages 12-17), Scholar (adults), Scriptorian (advanced adults), Expert Scriptorian (good luck!). Print each set of trivia questions below, and then you can take them to a printer to cut for just a few dollars. However, if you would like to take a Bible quiz online, you can do it for free, and they are scored online.

Print Your Bible Trivia Questions (So you can play the game)

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After printing the Bible trivia questions, go to the following links to print off the rest of the trivia game:

Have fun with over 1,000 printable Bible trivia questions!