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Who's Who in the Bible?—Bible Trivia for Youth

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Who was the first murderer? (Genesis 4:8)

  1. Moses
  2. Abraham
  3. Cain
  4. Joseph

Correct Answer: c. Cain

Who was Jesus' stepfather? (Luke 1:27)

  1. Zechariah
  2. James
  3. Joseph
  4. Peter

Correct Answer: c. Joseph

Who sold the birthright to his brother for a meal? (Genesis 25:34)

  1. Jeremiah
  2. Esau
  3. Abraham
  4. Zedekiah

Correct Answer: b. Esau

Which apostle led Christ's church after Jesus was killed? (Matthew 16:18)

  1. Timothy
  2. Peter
  3. Thomas
  4. Lazarus

Correct Answer: b. Peter

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