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Old Testament—Bible Trivia for Youth

Page 5

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"Thou shalt not bear ________________. (9th Commandment)" (Exodus 20:16)

  1. thy neighbor's burdens
  2. false witness
  3. that which is not meet to be borne
  4. illness

Correct Answer: b. false witness

Did God bless the seed of Abraham before or after He saved Daniel from the lions?

  1. before
  2. after

Correct Answer: a. before

"Thou shalt not __________.... (10th commandment)" (Exodus 20:17)

  1. have pride
  2. give in to the vainness of men
  3. covet
  4. fight

Correct Answer: c. covet

Did Esau sell his birthright to Jacob before or after Cain murdered Abel?

  1. before
  2. after

Correct Answer: b. after

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