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Old Testament Stories—Bible Trivia for Youth

Page 7

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What does Solomon ask for when God says he can have anything?

  1. Riches
  2. Immortality
  3. A Kingdom
  4. Wisdom

Correct Answer: d. Wisdom

Why was David so confident that he could kill Goliath? (1 Samuel 17:46)

  1. he was wearing more armor than Goliath was
  2. he had God on his side
  3. he knew he could outwit Goliath
  4. he had a secret weapon

Correct Answer: b. he had God on his side

All three Kings were the king of where?

  1. Jerusalem
  2. Bethlehem
  3. Israel
  4. Gilgal

Correct Answer: c. Israel

How did David kill Goliath? (1 Samuel 17:50)

  1. he stabbed him with a spear
  2. with a sling and stone
  3. he lured him into a den of lions
  4. he fed him poison in the night

Correct Answer: b. with a sling and stone

Bible trivia for youth is an exciting, new method of studying the Bible!