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Old Testament Stories—Bible Trivia for Youth

Page 5

If you think this Bible trivia is fun, just wait till you try our Bible Quiz page and:
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What was David's occupation before he faced Goliath? (1 Samuel 16:11)

  1. captain
  2. shepherd
  3. cook
  4. scholar

Correct Answer: b. shepherd

Was king David the same David that killed Goliath?

  1. No
  2. Yes

Correct Answer: b. Yes

Why did the Israelite army fear Goliath so much? (1 Samuel 17:4)

  1. he was the king of the Philistines
  2. he was a giant
  3. he had three arms
  4. he was the smartest man in the land

Correct Answer: b. he was a giant

Which king had 1,000 wives and concubines?

  1. Solomon
  2. None of them
  3. Saul
  4. David

Correct Answer: a. Solomon

Bible trivia for youth is great way to do Bible study!