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Bible Trivia for Kids: Tower of Babel, Abraham and Elijah - Page 2

On this page, you'll learn a little more about the Tower of Babel and Abraham. To learn more on a wider range of topics and difficulty levels, visit the Bible Trivia page. For a great time with your family, try the Bible Trivia Game, or try our Bible Quizzes!

What did God do to the people who were working on the Tower of Babel?

  1. mixed up their languages
  2. tickled their feet
  3. made them grow horns
  4. put candy in their pockets

Correct Answer: a. mixed up their languages

What did God ask Abraham to do to his only son?

  1. sacrifice him
  2. tickle him
  3. start a pillow fight with him
  4. give him the 10 commandments

Correct Answer: a. sacrifice him

What happened when Abraham tried to kill his son?

  1. an angel stopped him
  2. his son turned invisible
  3. Abraham went blind
  4. his son convinced him not to do it

Correct Answer: a. an angel stopped him

Because the people at the Tower of Babel couldn't understand each other, what happened to them?

  1. God taught them how to read
  2. they got in a lot of arguments
  3. they stopped reading poetry
  4. God scattered them all over the earth

Correct Answer: d. God scattered them all over the earth