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Bible Trivia for Kids: Stories about Jesus - Page 8

On this kids trivia page, you'll see a few questions and answers about Jesus' birth and youth. If you want to learn almost 1,200 trivia questions and answers, visit Bible trivia. Then, you can have fun with a Christian movie - if you'd like, or check out our Bible Quiz page.

Where did Mary put Jesus after he was born?

  1. in a basket
  2. in a manger
  3. on the ground
  4. on a table

Correct Answer: b. in a manger

What did Mary wrap Jesus in after he was born?

  1. a scarf
  2. a sock
  3. swaddling clothes
  4. a piece of paper

Correct Answer: c. swaddling clothes

What did the wise men bring to little Jesus?

  1. gold
  2. frankincense
  3. myrrh
  4. all of the above

Correct Answer: d. all of the above

What did Joseph teach Jesus how to do?

  1. be a basketball player
  2. be a wrestler
  3. be a politician
  4. be a carpenter

Correct Answer: d. be a carpenter