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Bible Trivia for Kids: Stories about Jesus - Page 3

In this Bible trivia for kids lesson, you will find out about the death of Jesus. This kids trivia section is part of a much larger Bible trivia section of the website. Try the following page if you'd like to watch a Christian movie, or check out our Bible Quiz page.

On what day after His death did Jesus rise again?

  1. the 1st
  2. the 3rd
  3. the 100th
  4. the 1000th

Correct Answer: b. the 3rd

Who pushed the stone away from Jesus' tomb?

  1. Peter
  2. angels
  3. a soldier
  4. Mary

Correct Answer: b. angels

Which of these miracles did Jesus NOT perform?

  1. Flying
  2. Walking on water
  3. Healing the sick
  4. Raising the dead

Correct Answer: a. Flying

How did wicked people kill Jesus?

  1. they threw Him off of a cliff
  2. they hung Him on a cross
  3. they threw Him into the ocean
  4. the starved Him

Correct Answer: b. they hung Him on a cross