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Bible Trivia for Kids: People in the Bible and Random Trivia

Page 3

On this Bible trivia for kids page, you'll learn a little about prophets and what the Bible is about. Be sure to try our Bible Quizzes.

What comes first in the Bible?

  1. New Testament
  2. Old Testament

Correct Answer: b. Old Testament

Which of these people was NOT a prophet?

  1. Billy
  2. Abraham
  3. Isaac
  4. Jacob

Correct Answer: a. Billy

What is in the Bible?

  1. God's word
  2. recipes for delicious meals
  3. instructions on how to build a house
  4. instructions for starting a business

Correct Answer: a. God's word

Who heard the voice of God three times when he was a boy?

  1. Denny
  2. Samuel
  3. Jo Jo
  4. Juan

Correct Answer: b. Samuel

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