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Bible Trivia for Kids: Noah, Daniel and Friends

Page 3

On this Bible trivia for kids page you'll learn about Daniel and his experience in the lion's den. Do you remember what happened?

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What did King Darius tell Daniel before he went into the lion's den?

  1. that God would save him
  2. Ha ha! You deserve it!
  3. Good luck!
  4. I hope you like lions

Correct Answer: a. That God would save him

What did God put in the sky to tell Noah that He would never punish the world in the same way ever again?

  1. a rainbow
  2. a cloud shaped like a cross
  3. a jet
  4. an eagle

Correct Answer: a. a rainbow

What did the king do all night when Daniel was in the lion's den?

  1. he listened to his iPod
  2. he played checkers
  3. he had a very pleasant sleep
  4. he fasted

Correct Answer: d. he fasted

Why did God tell Noah to build an ark?

  1. He wanted Noah to work harder
  2. He thought Noah was lazy
  3. He was going to send a flood
  4. He wanted to punish Noah

Correct Answer: c. He was going to send a flood

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