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Bible Trivia for Kids: Noah, Daniel and Friends

How much do you know about Noah's Ark, or about Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego? In this Bible Trivia section for kids, you can find out. For different levels of trivia, visit our Bible Trivia page. You may also want to try our Bible trivia game, or try our Bible Quizzes.

Who got thrown into a den of lions but didn't get hurt?

  1. Daniel
  2. Harry
  3. Andrew
  4. Kyle

Correct Answer: a. Daniel

What did Noah tell the people to do?

  1. go to war
  2. repent
  3. build a library
  4. make him a nicer place to live

Correct Answer: b. repent

Why was Daniel put into the lion's den?

  1. he stole some honey
  2. because he prayed
  3. because he was too tall
  4. he was mean to the people

Correct Answer: b. because he prayed

What did God say He would do because the people wouldn't listen to Noah?

  1. start a wildfire
  2. send a flood
  3. stop the earth from getting rain
  4. make an earthquake

Correct Answer: b. send a flood

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