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Bible Trivia for Kids: Moses, David and Goliath

Page 7

We hope you've about mastered Moses, David and Goliath on this Bible trivia questions for kids section. You could become a scripture genius if you study the whole Bible trivia section. Try many Bible Quizzes that are similar to the Bible trivia questions on other pages.

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What musical instrument did David know how to play?

  1. electric guitar
  2. harp
  3. saxophone
  4. maracas

Correct Answer: b. harp

How did Moses help his people cross the Red Sea?

  1. he taught them how to build rowboats
  2. he parted it with the power of God
  3. he helped them build a bridge
  4. he taught them how to swim

Correct Answer: b. he parted it with the power of God

For how many years were the Moses' people wandering in the wilderness?

  1. 1
  2. 1000
  3. 512
  4. 40

Correct Answer: d. 40

When David was young, what animals did he kill?

  1. a hamster and a rat
  2. a kangaroo and a wallaby
  3. a bear and a lion
  4. a goat and a giraffe

Correct Answer: c. a bear and a lion

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