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Bible Trivia for Kids: Moses, David and Goliath

Page 6

Are you learning new things about Moses, David and Goliath with this Bible trivia questions for kids page? Learn even more on our Bible trivia page. Take some Bible Quizzes that are like many of our Bible trivia pages.

When you complete this section, you can take a corresponding Bible quiz for kids:
David Kills a Giant | Moses Saves God's People

How many commandments did God write on stone tablets?

  1. 0
  2. 10
  3. 50
  4. 100

Correct Answer: b. 10

What was David's job before he killed Goliath?

  1. police chief
  2. astronaut
  3. shepherd
  4. fire fighter

Correct Answer: c. shepherd

How did baby Moses' mother hide him from people who wanted to kill him?

  1. she hid him in a cupboard
  2. she put him in a basket and floated it down the river
  3. she sent him to his grandma's house
  4. she put him in a barrel and hid it in the woods

Correct Answer: b. she put him in a basket and floated it down the river

  Who found baby Moses?   

  1. Pharaoh's daughter
  2. the king
  3. a homeless man
  4. a pack of wolves

Correct Answer: a. Pharaoh's daughter

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