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Bible Trivia for Kids: Moses, David and Goliath

Are you ready to learn some trivia about Moses, David and Goliath? This section isn't too hard. It's trivia meant for kids. Hover over cards to see if you guess the correct answer. Please visit our Bible Trivia for Kids section for other topics. If you want something harder, try the Bible trivia page. Try Bible Quizzes that are comparable to these Bible trivia pages.

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How did baby Moses' mother keep him safe from soldiers who wanted to kill him?

  1. she sent him on a trip with her parents
  2. she hid him in a cupboard
  3. she dressed him up like a baby girl
  4. she put him in a basket and floated it on the river

Correct Answer: d. she put him in a basket and floated it on the river

    What was David's job?     

  1. shepherd
  2. baker
  3. teacher
  4. cowboy

Correct Answer: a. shepherd

   Who found baby Moses?   

  1. the Queen of England
  2. Moses' father
  3. the pharaoh's daughter
  4. a pack of wild animals

Correct Answer: c. the pharaoh's daughter

What was the name of the giant who David fought?

  1. Harris
  2. Bartholomew
  3. Frederick
  4. Goliath

Correct Answer: d. Goliath

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