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Bible Trivia for Kids: Joseph in Egypt, Jonah and the Whale, Samson

Page 3

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Who was much stronger than normal men?

  1. Samson
  2. Joseph
  3. Jerry
  4. Steve

Correct Answer: a. Samson

Who was given a coat of many colors?

  1. Joseph
  2. Benny
  3. Zach
  4. Ted

Correct Answer: a. Joseph

What swallowed Jonah?

  1. a big fish or whale
  2. a snake
  3. a lion
  4. a crocodile

Correct Answer: a. a big fish or whale

What did Joseph's brothers do to him?

  1. sell him to some slave traders
  2. kill him
  3. dunk him under the water
  4. throw apples at him

Correct Answer: a. sell him to some slave traders

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