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Bible Trivia for Kids: The Life of Jesus and the 12 Apostles

Page 9

This great section of trivia is found in the Bible trivia for Kids part of the site. Now you're about done, you might want to go there to start a new topic, or check out our Bible Quiz page.

After Jesus died, what did His friends do to His body?

  1. bury it under the ground
  2. burn it
  3. throw it into the ocean
  4. put it in a tomb

Correct Answer: d. put it in a tomb

Which of these things did wicked people NOT do to Jesus?

  1. make Him dance in front of a crowd of people
  2. whip Him
  3. spit on Him
  4. put a crown made out of thorns on His head

Correct Answer: a. make Him dance in front of a crowd of people

On what day did Jesus come back to life?

  1. the 365th day
  2. the 3rd day
  3. the 1st day
  4. the 10th day

Correct Answer: b. the 3rd day

Why did the leaders of Jerusalem want Jesus to die?

  1. He stole things from them
  2. He tried to kill them
  3. they didn't like Him
  4. He said false things about them

Correct Answer: c. they didn't like Him

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