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Bible Trivia for Kids: The Life of Jesus and the 12 Apostles

Page 2

This section on the life or Jesus and the 12 Apostles is found in the Bible trivia for Kids part of the site. You can check out that section at any time to learn more, or try our Bible Quizzes.

Why was it important that Jesus was born?

  1. He built a temple in His city all by Himself
  2. He helped His city get more money
  3. He is the Son of God
  4. He became the mayor

Correct Answer: c. He is the Son of God

Where was Jesus baptized?

  1. the Red Sea
  2. the Pool of Bethesda
  3. the Jordan River
  4. the Arctic Ocean

Correct Answer: c. the Jordan River

In what city was Jesus born?

  1. Bethlehem
  2. London
  3. Hong Kong
  4. New York

Correct Answer: a. Bethlehem

What animal landed on Jesus after He came up out of the water?

  1. a dove
  2. a lizard
  3. a frog
  4. a rabbit

Correct Answer: a. a dove

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