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Bible Trivia for Kids: Esther and Job

Have you ever heard of Queen Esther or the trials of Job? Here in this Bible trivia for kids page, you can see how much you really know about them. If you want something a little harder, please visit the Bible trivia page, or check out our Bible Quiz page.

To become smarter, spend more time in the Bible Trivia for Kids section.

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Why did King Ahasuerus make sure that Queen Vashti wasn't his queen anymore?

  1. she ate way too much junk food
  2. she disobeyed him
  3. she couldn't color pictures very well
  4. she didn't know how to swim

Correct Answer: b. she disobeyed him

How does the Bible NOT describe Job?

  1. he respected God
  2. he was the silliest man in the land
  3. he hated evil
  4. he was blessed to have a big family and a lot of riches

Correct Answer: b. he was the silliest man in the land

King Ahasuerus was king of:

  1. Persia
  2. England
  3. New York
  4. Rock and Roll

Correct Answer: a. Persia

Why did Satan want to do bad things to Job?

  1. he thought it would make Job deny God
  2. he thought it would be fun
  3. he didn't want Job to be bored
  4. he was bored and needed someone to pick on

Correct Answer: a. he thought it would make Job deny God

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