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Bible Trivia for Kids: Creation, Adam and Eve

Page 5

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What animal did Satan disguise himself as when he tempted Eve in the garden of Eden?

  1. a bird
  2. a fox
  3. a crocodile
  4. a snake

Correct Answer: d. a snake

On what day did God rest?

  1. the 10th
  2. the 1st
  3. the 7th
  4. the 365th

Correct Answer: c. the 7th

What was the name of Eve's husband?

  1. Lyle
  2. Brandon
  3. Adam
  4. Carl

Correct Answer: c. Adam

What was the last of God's creations?

  1. plants
  2. man and woman
  3. land and water
  4. animals

Correct Answer: b. man and woman

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