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Bible Trivia for Kids: Creation, Adam and Eve

We hope you enjoy learning more about the Creation, Adam and Eve in this section of Bible Trivia for Kids! Just hover over each card below to see if you get each answer correct. Visit Bible Trivia for other types of trivia pages.

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What did Eve eat that she wasn't supposed to eat?

  1. a piece of fruit
  2. bacon
  3. beef
  4. a piece of bread

Correct Answer: a. a piece of fruit

What did God name the first man?

  1. Kenny
  2. Trevor
  3. Adam
  4. Andrew

Correct Answer: c. Adam

What happened after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit?

  1. they gained super powers
  2. they had to leave the garden of Eden
  3. they got sick
  4. they went blind

Correct Answer: b. they had to leave the garden of Eden

What was the name of the first woman?

  1. Eve
  2. Julia
  3. Amy
  4. Bertha

Correct Answer: a. Eve

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