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Bible Stories

Welcome to our Children's Bible Stories page! We have many activities that will help you and your kids learn the wonderful stories of the Bible.

Old Testament Bible Stories

The Creation of the World

God created our earth in six days and on the seventh day He rested. Watch below and you'll learn about what God created each day!

Story of the Creation of the World:

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden where life was great! They lived there until Eve ate something she wasn't supposed to...

Story of the Creation of the World:

Noah and the Ark

In Noah's time, all the people were wicked except Noah's family. God commanded him to build an ark to save his family from the flood.

Story of Noah's Ark:

Abraham and Isaac

Abraham was commanded by God to kill his son Isaac. Abraham didn't want to do it but wanted to be obedient to God. See what happens...

Story of Abraham and Isaac:

Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

Joseph was obedient and received a special coat from his father. His brothers were jealous and mean to Joseph.

Story of Joseph and the coat of many colors:


Moses went from being a baby from a poor family, to being raised by Pharaoh's daughter to saving the Hebrews from being slaves.

Story of Moses:

David and Goliath

David was a young Israelite sheepherder. He fought against a giant named Goliath so his country could win a war. All he had was a slingshot.

Story of David and Goliath:

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel refused to stop praying, so he was put in a den of lions. His friend, the king, was worried. Daniel was saved by angels.

Story of Daniel in the Lion's Den:


Job had many troubles. His house blew down, his children died and many other things. Watch this video to learn how Job reacted.

Story of Job:

Thanks for joining us! We hope you enjoyed these wonderful Bible stories! Be sure and tell friends about this page.