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Bible Reader

Use this Bible reader for your online Bible study!

About the Bible Reader

This Bible reader is a great study tool to help you with your online Bible study. With this helpful reader, you can take your Bible with you wherever you go! The Bible Reader may be small, but it has several great features:

  • Compact design: The small and sleek design of the Bible reader makes it easy to study the Bible with your handheld electronic device.
  • Bible Reader Bookmark: Registered users never lose their place with this handy tool. Save your place with just the click of a button! The bookmark will stay on the right page even if you log out or close your browser. (Not registered? Sign up now for free!)
  • Keyword Search: The left sidebar contains a search field to help you find verses that contain the keyword you are looking for.
  • Easy Navigation: Also located in the left sidebar is a collapsible list of each verse in the Bible. Either navigate link-by-link in the main window or use the sidebar to go straight to the verse you are looking for.
  • It's free!

We hope this Bible reader tool helps you to grow closer to God and learn more about His word. Enjoy your reading!

Is this Bible reader too small? Try our Online Bible Study Tool; it's in a much larger format and has helpful back and forward buttons for quick navigation in addition to all of the helpful assets that this Bible reader has to offer. Other free Bible study tools on this site include the Bible Verse of the Day tool, the Interactive Bible Quiz tool, and the other free Bible quizzes.