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Print Bible Quiz: Plants in the Bible

Print Bible Quiz: Plants in the Bible | Bible Quizzes

Bible Quiz: Plants in the Bible

    • From what kind of lumber did Noah build the ark? (Genesis 6:14)
    • Oak
    • Gopher
    • Elm
    • Cherry
    • When Aaron put his rod inside the tabernacle, what grew on it? (Numbers 17:8)
    • Almonds
    • Olives
    • Moss
    • Figs
    • Fill in the blank: In a parable, Christ compared the signs of His coming to the branches on a(n) __________ tree that show when summer is near. (Mark 13:28)
    • sycamore
    • fig
    • olive
    • orange
    • Fill in the blank: In an allegory, Isaiah prophesied that Israel will become desolate even as a tree that brings forth wild _________ will be allowed to be destroyed. (Isaiah 5:4)
    • grapes
    • olives
    • almonds
    • figs
    • Fill in the blank: The passover meal included lamb meat, unleavened bread, and _____________. (Exodus 12:8)
    • olives
    • bitter herbs
    • oranges
    • figs
    • What happened when Moses cast a tree into the waters of Marah? (Exodus 15:25)
    • the water dissolved the tree completely
    • the waters were made sweet
    • the tree caught fire
    • the children of Israel were able to use the tree as a bridge
    • Fill in the blank: Paul compared the Gentiles to wild branches grafted into a good and healthy ___________ tree. (Romans 11:17)
    • walnut
    • orange
    • date
    • olive
    • Fill in the blank: Jesus compared the kingdom of heaven to a ___________ seed, which would grow from the tiniest seed into a huge tree. (Matthew 13:31)
    • mint
    • mustard
    • mallow
    • pomegranate
    • Fill in the blank: In a parable, Christ compared the separation of the righteous from the wicked to the harvesting of _________ from the tares. (Matthew 13:30)
    • olives
    • grapes
    • corn
    • wheat
    • Fill in the blank: The Pharisees ridiculed Christ because His disciples plucked and ate _________ on the Sabbath. (Matthew 12:1)
    • figs
    • oranges
    • corn
    • plums
    • What plant did Rachel beg of her sister Leah because it was said to help with fertility? (Genesis 30:14)
    • coriander
    • pomegranates
    • mandrakes
    • hyssop
    • Prior to His crucifixion, what piece of attire was placed on Christ's body to humiliate Him? (Mark 15:17)
    • a sash of ivy
    • anklets of rotten fruit
    • a crown of thorns
    • flaxen manacles
    • What did Jacob give Esau in exchange for his birthright? (Genesis 25:34)
    • an elixir of lavender
    • incense of cinnamon
    • some pottage of lentils
    • a drink of mint
    • Fill in the blank: Christ taught that even as the __________ of the field are cared for by God, He will take care of His people. (Matthew 6:28)
    • pansies
    • lilies
    • roses
    • lilacs
    • Fill in the blank: Christ called Himself the true _________ and His apostles the branches. (John 15:1)
    • tree
    • bush
    • vine
    • grove

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