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Print Bible Quiz for Kids: Moses Saves God's People

Print Bible Quiz for Kids: Moses Saves God's People | Bible Quizzes

Bible Quiz for Kids: Moses Saves God's People

    • How did baby Moses' mother keep him safe from soldiers who wanted to kill him?
    • she dressed him up like a baby girl
    • she hid him in a cupboard
    • she put him in a basket and floated it on the river
    • she sent him on a trip with her parents
    • Who found baby Moses?
    • the pharaoh's daughter
    • Moses' father
    • a pack of wild animals
    • the Queen of England
    • When Moses got older, what did he tell Pharaoh?
    • to run away from Egypt and never return
    • to let his people go free from slavery
    • that he should make Moses his right-hand man
    • that they were brothers
    • When Pharaoh wouldn't listen to Moses, what did God do?
    • send plagues
    • make Pharaoh blind and deaf
    • kill Pharaoh
    • send an army to destroy Egypt
    • How did Moses help his people escape Egypt?
    • he parted the sea
    • he build a bridge over the sea
    • he stole all of the soldiers' weapons during the night
    • he gave Pharaoh a sleeping pill

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