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Print Bible Quiz for Kids: The Day Jesus Was Born

Print Bible Quiz for Kids: The Day Jesus Was Born | Bible Quizzes

Bible Quiz for Kids: The Day Jesus Was Born

    • What was the name of Jesus' mother?
    • Susan
    • Mary
    • Betty
    • April
    • What was the name of Mary's husband?
    • David
    • Harry
    • Joseph
    • Mark
    • Why was it important that Jesus was born?
    • He became the mayor
    • He is the Son of God
    • He helped His city get more money
    • He built a temple in His city all by Himself
    • In what city was Jesus born?
    • Bethlehem
    • New York
    • London
    • Hong Kong
    • Who did angels tell about Jesus' birth?
    • shepherds
    • pirates
    • cowboys
    • police officers
    • What did baby Jesus lay in on the night He was born?
    • a manger
    • a barrel
    • a bed
    • a wheelbarrow
    • Which of these gifts was one of the gifts the wise men gave to Jesus?
    • a horse
    • a ball
    • a toy soldier
    • frankincense
    • Which of these is NOT another name for Jesus?
    • The Savior
    • Christ
    • The Lord
    • The Duke
    • How did the wise men know how to find Jesus?
    • they followed a star
    • they were told where to go by a wise men who had already visited Him
    • they saw an article about His birth in the newspaper
    • they had a GPS
    • What is the name of the holiday on which people celebrate Jesus' birth?
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas
    • Valentine's Day
    • Halloween

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