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Print Zacchæus Bible Quiz

Print Zacchæus Bible Quiz | Bible Quizzes

Zacchæus Bible Quiz

    • What was Zacchæus' office? (Luke 19: 2)
    • High priest
    • Head of the scribes
    • Leader of the pharisees
    • Chief among the publicans
    • Why couldn't Zacchæus see Jesus? (Luke 19:3)
    • Jesus was too far away
    • Zacchæus hurt his leg and could not stand
    • Zacchæus was too short to see past the crowd
    • Zacchæus was blind from birth
    • How did Zacchæus become able to see Jesus? (Luke 19:4)
    • He was healed by Simon Peter
    • He sat on the rooftops
    • He climbed a tree
    • He pushed his way closer to Jesus
    • What did Jesus want from Zacchæus? (Luke 19:5)
    • For Zacchæus to move to Jerusalem
    • For Zacchæus to receive Jesus into his house
    • For Zacchæus to give of all his money to the building of the gospel
    • For Zacchæus to wash Jesus' feet
    • How did the crowd react to Jesus' request of Zacchæus? (Luke 19:7)
    • They murmured because Zacchæus was a sinner
    • They questioned Jesus' authority to demand such a request
    • They went their ways to leave the two alone
    • They were happy for Zacchæus because they loved him
    • What did Jesus tell Zacchæus was the reason for the coming of the Son of Man? (Luke 19:10)
    • To lift the fallen
    • To heal the sick
    • To save the lost
    • To clothe the naked
    • What parable did Jesus give after speaking with Zacchæus? (Luke 19:12)
    • The parable of the prodigal son
    • The parable of the good samaritan
    • The parable of the ten virgins
    • The parable of the pounds
    • How did Zacchæus react when Jesus asked him to approach Him? (Luke 19:6)
    • Zacchæus could not move
    • Zacchæus came slowly and shyly
    • Zacchæus ran away in fear
    • Zacchæus came quickly and joyfully

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