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How to Create Your Own Bible Quiz

Would you like to contribute Bible quizzes for other people to take? We've made that possible! Click Bible quiz to go back to already created quizzes.

Step 1: Register

The first step to be able to create quizzes is to register on Religion Resources Online if you haven't already, or log in if you already have a user name. Registration is quick, free, and simple!

Step 2: Create a Quiz

When you're logged in, go to the quiz editor page to create, modify, and view your quizzes. To create your first quiz, click the button labeled 'New Quiz'. In the pop up box that opens, type the name of the quiz that you would like to create.

Step 3: Edit Quiz Details

edit Bible quiz details

Now you can see various information and details about the quiz you are editing. You can use the selector at the top to choose which of your quizzes you want to edit, or create new quizzes with the 'New Quiz' button. You can also rename the quiz to fix typos or give it a more accurate name.

Below the score information, you can set the quizzes difficulty level. 'Easy' quizzes should be ones that have require only very basic knowledge of the Bible, while more difficult and specific quizzes should be labeled 'Hard'.

Next, you see the Description and Subjects fields. The Description should be a sentence or two explaining what the quiz is about, and the Subjects should be a list of topics in the quiz, separated by commas.

Whenever you have made changes to the quiz that you would like to keep, be sure to click the 'Save Quiz' button. Any changes that are not saved will be lost as soon as the page is left. You may save your quiz as many times as you would like to make sure you don't lose your work.

Step 4: Questions

edit Bible quiz questions

Now it's time to give your quiz some content. To add questions, click the 'New Question' button at the bottom of the quiz. On each question, be sure to include the Question, a Correct Answer, and at least one Incorrect answer. After you have included those, you may include as many other Incorrect answers as you would like (up to 7), and you may include a Reference to the location in the Bible where the answer to the question can be found. Note that for the link on the reference to work, it should be in the format: [Full Book Name] [Chapter]:[Verse]. Ex: John 3:16

If for any reason you wish to delete a question, simply click the 'Delete Question' button, and it will be removed from the quiz.

Step 5: Submit Your Quiz

submit Bible quiz

Once you've finished creating your quiz, check the 'Submit for approval' box at the top of the quiz to submit it for inclusion on the site. One of our editors will review the quiz, and then it will be made publicly accessable to anyone visiting the site.

Note that Religion Resources Online reserves the right to modify and make any type of change necessary to quizzes submitted, whether for clarity or any other purpose.

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