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Take a Bible Quiz Online!

Quizzes for All Ages

Try a Bible quiz online and test your knowledge of the Bible. Better yet...learn more about the Bible as you spend time on each quiz. You can also create your own quiz if you are a registered member of the site. You can also track your quiz scores by logging in. (Not a member yet? Click and Create an account for free!) Go to the following page for a printable copy of Bible quiz questions and answers. For other quiz formats, visit our Bible Quiz page. Note: All official quiz questions and answers are based off of passages in the King James Version of the Bible.


How to Print Quizzes

  1. Select a Bible quiz.
  2. Click "Print this Quiz" on quiz page.
  3. Click "Print" in top left corner.

We hope you had fun taking a Bible quiz online! If you like this page, be sure and share it using the social media links above. We also have a version of our quizzes made especially for the younger generation. Take a Bible quiz for youth or a Bible quiz for kids. Some of the most popular sections of the site are wiki on religious beliefs and different types of religion page.