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Print Bible Quiz: Noah and the Ark (Answers)

Print Bible Quiz: Noah and the Ark (Answers) | Bible Quizzes

Bible Quiz: Noah and the Ark

    • Who was Noah's father? (Genesis 5:30)
    • Lamech
    • Which of these men was NOT a son of Noah? (Genesis 5:32)
    • Canaan
    • Why did the Lord want to destroy man? (Genesis 6:5-7)
    • Man was too wicked
    • "... and Noah ___________ with God." (Genesis 6:9)
    • walked
    • How would the Lord destroy mankind? (Genesis 6:17)
    • Flood
    • What kind of wood did Noah use to build the ark? (Genesis 6:14)
    • Gopher
    • With what material would Noah coat the ark? (Genesis 6:14)
    • Tar
    • What unit of measurement was used to measure the ark? (Genesis 6:15)
    • Cubit
    • How many stories high was the ark? (Genesis 6:16)
    • 3
    • Which humans boarded the ark? (Genesis 6:18)
    • Noah, his wife, and Noah's sons and their wives
    • How many of each animal did the Lord command Noah to bring on the ark? (Genesis 6:19-20)
    • 2
    • How many birds of each kind did Noah gather onto the ark? (Genesis 7:3)
    • 7
    • How long did it rain? (Genesis 7:12)
    • 40 days and nights
    • How long did the water cover the entire earth? (Genesis 7:24)
    • 150 days
    • What was the first animal that Noah let out of the ark? (Genesis 8:7)
    • A raven
    • How many times did the bird that Noah released return to him? (Genesis 8:8-12)
    • 2
    • The last time the dove returned, what did she have in her beak? (Genesis 8:11)
    • An olive leaf
    • What did the item in the dove's beak signify? (Genesis 8:11)
    • Some parts of the earth were no longer covered with water
    • What did Noah do to show his thanks to God? (Genesis 8:20)
    • Make animal sacrifices on an altar
    • What was the token of the Lord's promise to never destroy humankind again? (Genesis 9:12-17)
    • The rainbow

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