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Print Bible Quiz: Jesus' Last Days on Earth (Answers)

Print Bible Quiz: Jesus' Last Days on Earth (Answers) | Bible Quizzes

Bible Quiz: Jesus' Last Days on Earth

    • How many apostles did Jesus have? (Luke 6:13)
    • 12
    • Which of Jesus' apostles betrayed Him? (Matthew 26:47)
    • Judas Iscariot
    • The apostle who betrayed Jesus was given thirty __________ as a reward. (Matthew 26:15)
    • pieces of silver
    • What did Jesus say the sacrament bread symbolizes? (Matthew 26:26)
    • His body
    • What did Jesus say the sacrament wine represents? (Matthew 26:28)
    • His blood
    • Where did Jesus go to perform the Atonement? (Matthew 26:36)
    • the garden in Gethsemane
    • What did Peter, James, and John do while Jesus suffered the Atonement? (Matthew 26:40)
    • fell sleep
    • What was the sign that Jesus' betrayer used to reveal Him to Jesus' captors? (Matthew 26:48)
    • a kiss
    • What happened immediately after Peter denied Christ three times? (Matthew 26:74)
    • a rooster crowed
    • What did Pontius Pilate do to show that he was not responsible for Jesus' death? (Matthew 27:24)
    • wash his hands
    • What "material" was used by the soldiers to make a crown for Jesus to wear? (Matthew 27: 29)
    • thorns
    • How was Jesus killed? (Matthew 27:35)
    • He was crucified
    • What natural disaster occurred following Jesus' death? (Matthew 27:51)
    • an earthquake
    • Who rolled away the stone in front of Jesus' tomb? (Matthew 28:2)
    • an angel
    • After how many days was Jesus resurrected? (Matthew 27:63)
    • 3
    • Who was the first person Jesus visited after His resurrection? (John 20:11)
    • Mary

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