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Print Bible Quiz: Parables of the Lost (Answers)

Print Bible Quiz: Parables of the Lost (Answers) | Bible Quizzes

Bible Quiz: Parables of the Lost

    • In the parable of the lost sheep, how many sheep were NOT lost? (Luke 15:4)
    • 99
    • When the shepherd found the lost sheep, what did he do with it? (Luke 15:5)
    • He carried it on his shoulders
    • How did the shepherd react when he found the sheep? (Luke 15:6)
    • He rejoiced
    • In the parable of the lost coin, how many coins were NOT lost? (Luke 15:8)
    • 9
    • The woman's lost coin was made of: (Luke 15:8)
    • silver
    • In the parable of the prodigal son, how did the son obtain his money? (Luke 15:12)
    • He inherited it from his father
    • How did the son lose his money? (Luke 15:13)
    • He wasted it
    • What did the poor son have to eat? (Luke 15:16)
    • the food meant for the swine
    • Upon the prodigal son's return, how did his father receive him? (Luke 15:20)
    • The father joyfully welcomed him
    • What did the father bring for the prodigal son upon his return? (Luke 15:22)
    • a robe and a ring
    • Who was jealous of the prodigal son? (Luke 15:25)
    • the prodigal son's brother
    • To whom did Jesus tell these parables? (Luke 15:2)
    • to the Pharisees and scribes
    • What can we learn from Jesus' parables of the lost sheep, coin, and son? (Luke 15:7)
    • God loves all of His children and wants them to repent and return to Him

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