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Print Bible Quiz: Jesus' Baptism (Answers)

Print Bible Quiz: Jesus' Baptism (Answers) | Bible Quizzes

Bible Quiz: Jesus' Baptism

    • John would prepare the way of the Lord, according to which prophet? (Matthew 3:3)
    • Esaias
    • Where did John preach? (Mark 1:4)
    • the wilderness of Bethabara
    • What was John's main message? (Mark 1:4)
    • repentance & baptism
    • What was John's clothing made of? (Matthew 3:4)
    • camel hair
    • What was John's diet? (Matthew 3:4)
    • locusts and honey
    • What did John call the Pharisees and Sadducees who came to watch him baptize people? (Matthew 3:7)
    • generation of vipers
    • What did John say about the man who would come after him? (Mark 1:7)
    • John was unworthy of the man
    • Who did the people think John was? (Luke 3:15)
    • the Christ
    • What is one of the primary purposes of baptism? (Luke 3:3)
    • remission of sins
    • John said he baptized with water, and that Jesus Christ would baptize with: (Luke 3:16)
    • fire and the Holy Ghost
    • Why was John confused when Jesus came to him to be baptized? (Matthew 3:14)
    • John felt unworthy to baptize the Savior
    • Why did Jesus need to be baptized? (Matthew 3:15)
    • He needed to fulfill all righteousness
    • By what method was Jesus baptized? (Mark 1:10)
    • being covered completely in water
    • What form did the Spirit momentarily take following Jesus' baptism? (Luke 3:22)
    • a dove
    • Whose voice could be heard from heaven following Jesus' baptism? (Matthew 3:17)
    • God the Father
    • What did the voice from heaven say after Jesus was baptized, according to the record of the apostle Matthew? (Matthew 3:17)
    • "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."
    • How was John related to Jesus? (Luke 1:36)
    • cousin

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