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Print Bible Quiz on Moses' Plagues on Egypt (Answers)

Print Bible Quiz on Moses' Plagues on Egypt (Answers) | Bible Quizzes

Bible Quiz on Moses' Plagues on Egypt

    • What was the second plague sent against the Egyptians?
    • Frogs
    • How many Plagues were sent against the Egyptians?
    • 10
    • Did the plagues hurt the Hebrews and the Egyptians?
    • No
    • What was the third plage sent against the Egyptians?
    • Lice
    • What was the eighth plage on the Egyptians?
    • Locusts
    • What was the tenth plague against the Egyptians?
    • Death of the first born
    • What is the fifth plague against Egypt?
    • Livestock diseased
    • What was the seventh plague against the Egyptians?
    • Thunder, hail, and fire
    • What was the first plague against the Egyptians?
    • River turned to Blood
    • What is the ninth plague against the Egyptians?
    • Darkness
    • How could the Hebrews avoid death of first born?
    • Paint door post with blood of a lamb
    • What was the Fourth Plague against the Egyptians?
    • Flies
    • What was the eleventh plague?
    • There weren't eleven plagues
    • What was the sixth plague against the Egyptians?
    • Boils
    • What book of the Bible are the plagues in?
    • Exodus
    • What had God ordered Moses to do that was the cause of all the plagues?
    • Free the Hebrews from slavery
    • What was the last plague that was sent against the Egyptians?
    • Death of their firstborn

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